About Our Company 

Hoven Crow Entertainment is a multi-media production and distribution company  managed by creative duo Max Hoven and Aaron Crow.


We're known for creating the gothic romance graphic novel It Eats What Feeds It, the cyberpunk comic series Liquid Kill, and an array of feature films.

Our comics have been critically acclaimed and broken sales records. Our films have been released worldwide and earned a profit for our investors.

We've continue to expand our list of publishing and distribution partners including:

Sumerian Records, Behemoth Entertainment, Scout Comics & Entertainment, Amazon Prime, AQ Prime Stream, Filmrare (in Decentraland), Xumo, Plex, ONEHUBTV, PopFlick, and more.

For details on our services, please see our Submissions & Services page.

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Max Hoven

Owner & Managing Director

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Aaron Crow

Creative Producer & Literary Manager