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About Our Company

Hoven Crow Entertainment LLC is an American media company with film & comic production (Hoven Crow Productions), comic marketing, education, & publishing services (Indie Comic Empire) divisions dedicated to owning, producing, and delivering high-quality content to an international audience while helping other creators do the same.


Since 2018, Max Hoven & Aaron Crow have co-created multiple critically acclaimed, award-winning, and best-selling traditionally published titles resulting in 75,000+ physical sales and 100,000+ digital reads. Their work has been publicly praised by various professional critics & influencers such as and Comic Tom 101, along with Marvel Comics editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski.

Extended Network:

They’ve collaborated with some of the most talented and recognized comic artists in the world including the late great Kim Jung Gi, David Mack, Shintaro Kago, Toni Infante, Brao, Roger Cruz, Chris Burnham, Eduardo Medeiros, Ben Templesmith, Rafael Albuquerque, Maria Llovett, Vanesa R. Del Ray, Byebyeyunimond, Gabriel Iumazark, Drew Moss, Mako Vice, Yune Sunghan, and more.

They’ve partnered with prolific cinemaphotographer and director Kundan Sad for (3) feature films (Tapak, Halfpace, Plus Minus). Their films have been featured on various TV channels worldwide and on streaming platforms including Amazon Prime, Tubi, Gemplex, Plex, Xumo, PopFlick, Diverse Cinema, Filmrare (first cinema in Decentraland metaverse) and more.

Through traditional networking and the Indie Comic Empire Podcast, they’ve connected with an array of mainstream comic creators, filmmakers, screenwriters, and game developers including:

Michael Wormser (producer of The Thinning franchise), Antony Johnston (writer of Dead Space and Resident Evil: Village), Dan Brown (director of Netflix Top 10 feature film Your Lucky Day), Kevin Strange (creator of Strangeville universe), Paul Catalanotto (writer/director of analog horror film series The Children Under the House), Nick Martineau (actor in Squid Game and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare), Kevin Roditelli (founder/president of Massive Publishing), Charlie Stickney (creator of hit comic series White Ash), Cecil Lammey (radio personality and owner of Smokin’ Gun comics), Travis Gibb (owner of Orange Cone Productions), David Booher (creator of hit comic series Canto), Adriean Koleric (creator of Trakovi and The Sitter), Joey Galvez (owner of Geek Collective), Hannah Jacobson (founder/CEO of Book Award Pro), Rick Duree (founder of H.E.R.O.I.C Awards for independent comics) and more.

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Max Hoven


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Aaron Crow

Creative Director/Writer

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