Who/What is HovenCrow?

We are a writing duo specializing in dark genre comics, graphic novels, and screenplays. 

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Max Hoven

After drifting through the chaotic realm of seasonal resort work and international backpacking, Max used his experiences to write screenplays and comics. Due to the intense nature of his travels, his work focuses on the dark and mysterious aspects of life such as crime, violence, drugs, and lucid dreaming.


It's not all blood and sadness though, he also enjoys fat cats and smart women which tend to forge their way into the worlds he creates. 


Aaron Crow

Aaron graduated in 2012 from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor's degree in English and an emphasis toward short fiction writing. 

Within months of partnering, Max and Aaron co-wrote two feature films, both of which reached Preliminary and Quarter Finalist positions in multiple respected screenplay competitions in 2017. Since then, they established a dark genre niche, expanded their medium into comics and graphic novels, and continue to hone their craft.



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