FALL PEAK, Horror/Action - Webcomic Limited Series
Released online in Jan. 2019 with artist Samuel Bermudez; updates weekly on Line WebToon.
Print version releasing 2021 via Kickstarter campaign. 1000+ subscribers.


IT EATS WHAT FEEDS IT, Horror/Romance - Graphic Novel
Completed with artist Gabriel Iumazark; Released SUMMER/FALL 2020 with Scout Comics & Ent. to critical acclaim and record-setting sales.


WITCHLINGS, Horror/Romance - 10-page One-Shot Comic

Completed with artist Adrien Iglesias; released on Comixology, 2019


THE DEMON ARMY, Horror/Sci-Fi - Ongoing Comic Series
In production with artist Gabriel Iumazark.





SHOTS, Crime/Thriller – Feature

In pre-production with director/producer Kundan Sad (Iblis, Rescue)

MORE BLOOD FOR SATAN, Horror/Comedy – Short
In development with producer Michael Wormser (The Thinning, Sunny Family Cult)


THE SILVER SANDS, Horror/Comedy – Short

In development with director Mikhail Romanovskiy (Timeline, Grown Ups)


THE VINE, Crime/Thriller – Feature
Quarter Finalist in Slamdance Screenplay Competition 2017 & Screencraft Action/Thriller 2017