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Indie Comic Empire

Your resource for eBooks, templates, guidebooks, podcasts, and courses that will help you on your path in the comic industry.

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Ultimate Guide to Comic Book Publishers: Mega List of Comic, Manga, Zine, and Graphic Novel Publishers

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Want your comic book published and in comic shops?

Learn the following:​


  • How to Use SEO to Title & Promote Your Comics

  • Budgeting Template

  • Top Revenue Streams for Artists & Authors

  • How to Contact Editors, Agents, & Publishers

  • How to Pitch Artists/Writers

  • How to Profit at Comic & Anime Conventions

  • Ultimate Guidebook & List of Comic Publishers

  • Mega List of Indie Comic Podcasts & Channels

  • Sample Pitch Sheets 

  • Comic Script Formatting Guide



Want to become a bestselling comic creator?

A Quick Guide to Making Money with Comics Cover.png

Download FREE mini eBook A Quick Guide to Making Money with Independent Creator-Owned Comic Books

A breakdown of the average expenses required to create a self-published or traditionally published professional-grade comic book and/or graphic novel, followed by various methods you can take to ensure a profit from such a venture.


+ Free chapter "Growing Your Audience" from full eBook:
Indie Comic Empire: Making & Marketing Comic Books Step by Step

Welcome to mayhem!


Turn your IP into an entertainment empire. 

Want to sell your screenplay but don’t have an agent? Do you have a completed novel or comic script but haven't figured out how to market or publish your content in a way that earns steady revenue?


The comic & manga publishing industry brings in over $2,000,000,000 in revenue each year. And the independent comic book space brings in over $300,000,000. Crowd-funded comics bring in an additional $50,000,000. Just in the United States alone.

Learn how traditionally & self-published comic creators regularly earn five and six figures annually from their comics & graphic novel projects by building a brand that utilizes collectibles, conventions, and the Hollywood machine.

Wondering why you should grow your IP on a base of comics & graphic novels? 

#1: Major film/TV producers are more likely to option/buy IP with a pre-existing audience base (your comic/book).

#2: Booking a lit agent/manager is MUCH easier for published comic creators than undiscovered screenwriters and novelists. You don’t pitch them, they find you.

#3: Funding/producing a graphic novel costs roughly the same as a short film, but can have 10x the impact.


#4: The independent comic book industry brings in $350,000,000+ in revenue every year. It’s not uncommon for creators to get a five/six figure piece of that pie BEFORE ever licensing the TV/Film rights to their IP.


Indie Comic Empire: Making & Marketing Comic Books

A Complete Business Guide to Making, Marketing & Promoting Your Comic Book, Manga, or Graphic Novel

Taught by Max Hoven, best-selling author and co-creator of the hit comic book series' IT EATS WHAT FEEDS IT (Scout Comics) and LIQUID KILL (Massive/Whatnot Publishing)

  • 2+ Hours of Video Tutorials

  • 10+ Downloadable Templates & Resource Guides

  • 2 Full eBooks



Step-by-step trainings & resources you need to successfully & strategically take your art or story from concept to best-seller status in comic shops worldwide.


Course Includes (but not limited to):

  • Sales Funnels for Writers/Artists

  • Using SEO to Grow Your Brand

  • Budgeting Template

  • Top Revenue Streams

  • Contacting Editors, Agents, & Publishers

  • Finding Profitable Artists/Writers

  • Profiting from Conventions

  • Keys to a Strong Launch

  • Marketable Character Design

  • Keys to a Marketable Title

  • An Ultimate List of Comic Publishers

  • List of Indie Comic Podcasts

  • Sample Pitch Sheets

  • Script Formatting Guide & Script Samples


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