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Indie Comic Empire: Making & Marketing Comic Books

A Complete Business Guide to Making, Marketing & Promoting Your Comic Book, Manga, or Graphic Novel

Taught by Max Hoven, best-selling author and co-creator of the hit comic book series' IT EATS WHAT FEEDS IT (Scout Comics) and LIQUID KILL (Massive/Whatnot Publishing)



Step-by-step trainings & resources you need to successfully & strategically take your art or story from concept to best-seller status in comic shops worldwide.


(2) Hours of Video Content

(10) Downloadable Templates & Resource Guides

(2) Full eBooks


Course Includes (but not limited to):

  • Sales Funnels for Writers/Artists

  • Using SEO to Grow Your Brand

  • Budgeting Template

  • Top Revenue Streams

  • Contacting Editors, Agents, & Publishers

  • Finding Profitable Artists/Writers

  • Profiting from Conventions

  • Keys to a Strong Launch

  • Marketable Character Design

  • Keys to a Marketable Title

  • An Ultimate List of Comic Publishers

  • List of Indie Comic Podcasts

  • Sample Pitch Sheets

  • Script Formatting Guide & Script Samples


A Quick Guide to Making Money with Comics Cover.png

Download FREE mini eBook A Quick Guide to Making Money with Independent Creator-Owned Comic Books

A breakdown of the average expenses required to create a self-published or traditionally published professional-grade comic book and/or graphic novel, followed by various methods you can take to ensure a profit from such a venture.


+ Free chapter "Growing Your Audience" from full eBook:
Indie Comic Empire: Making & Marketing Comic Books Step by Step

Welcome to mayhem!


Turn your IP into an entertainment empire. 

Want to sell your screenplay but don’t have an agent? Do you have a completed novel or comic script but haven't figured out how to market or publish your content in a way that earns steady revenue?


The comic & manga publishing industry brings in over $2,000,000,000 in revenue each year. And the independent comic book space brings in over $300,000,000. Crowd-funded comics bring in an additional $50,000,000. Just in the United States alone.

Learn how traditionally & self-published comic creators regularly earn five and six figures annually from their comics & graphic novel projects by building a brand that utilizes collectibles, conventions, and the Hollywood machine.

Wondering why you should grow your IP on a base of comics & graphic novels? 

#1: Major film/TV producers are more likely to option/buy IP with a pre-existing audience base (your comic/book).

#2: Booking a lit agent/manager is MUCH easier for published comic creators than undiscovered screenwriters and novelists. You don’t pitch them, they find you.

#3: Funding/producing a graphic novel costs roughly the same as a short film, but can have 10x the impact.


#4: The independent comic book industry brings in $350,000,000+ in revenue every year. It’s not uncommon for creators to get a five/six figure piece of that pie BEFORE ever licensing the TV/Film rights to their IP.

Indie Comic Empire: Making & Marketing Comic Books Step by Step

Full eBook 

This book takes you through the entire business process of creating and promoting your own comic series and/or graphic novel. Whether you're a writer, artist, or both, this book will equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to turn your creative vision into a successful and profitable venture.


CHAPTER 1 (Pre-Production)


Chapter 1.1 – Understanding Your Audience

Chapter 1.2 – Growing Your Audience

Chapter 1.3 – The Logistics of Business & Story

Chapter 1.4 – How to Write a Hit Comic

Chapter 1.5 – The Splash of the First Issue

Chapter 1.6 – Choosing Genre

Chapter 1.7 – Choosing an Artist

Chapter 1.8 – Money & Budgets 101

Chapter 1.9 – Budgeting Breakdown

Chapter 1.10 – Publishing Options

Chapter 1.11 – Planning Potential Revenue Streams


CHAPTER 2 (Production)


Chapter 2.1 – Title & SEO

Chapter 2.2 – Logline & Synopsis

Chapter 2.3 – Planning Your Covers

Chapter 2.4 – Planning Your Marketing Content

Chapter 2.5 – Character Design


CHAPTER 3 (Post-Production/Pre-Launch)


3.1 – Contacting Commentators

3.2 – Utilizing Social Media


CHAPTER 4 (Launch)


4.1 – Social Media Advertising

4.2 – Facebook Groups

4.3 – Throw a Launch Party

4.4 - Interviews & Signings


CHAPTER 5 (Post-Launch)


5.1 – Posting for Each Issue

5.2 – Cross Collaboration

5.3 – Video Trailer

5.4 – Automated Social Media & Emails

5.5 – Trade Launch Party

5.6 – Going on Tour (Conventions)

5.7 – Content Creation Tips

Want to get all my educational books for FREE including 10+ digital downloads?

If you book a Consultation Package, you'll receive the following for FREE:

  • Indie Comic Empire (Full eBook)

  • How to Contact Editors, Publishers, & Agents (Mini eBook)

  • How to Profit at Comic Cons & Vendor Events (Mini eBook)

  • Publishers Accepting Submissions (List)

  • Publishers Paying Page Rates (List)

  • Graphic Novel & Manga Publishers (List)

  • Comic Series Expense Budget Template (Template)

  • Comic Script Professional Formatting Guide (Template)

  • Sample of Successful Pitch Sheet (Template)

  • List of Revenue Streams for Comic Creators (List)

  • List of Indie Comic Reviewers & Interviewers (List)

  • List of 500+ American Comic Shops (List)

  • List of Web Comic Platforms & Digital Comic Publishers (List)

Comic Accelerator Program

Max will read your manuscript (comic, graphic novel, novel, screenplay) and provide 5+ pages of feedback plus a 1-hour video call to discuss a marketing plan and/or story development.


If you don't have a finished product, no worries, we can still have a call.

$50+ $2 per page of manuscript (screenplay/novel/pilot, etc.)​

  • (3) eBooks

  • (10) templates/lists

  • (5)+ pages of notes

  • 60-minute video call

Professional Background

Does Max have credibility? Why should we pay top dollar for his consulting services?

Get to Know (Lord) Max

Max has sold screenplays (SHOTS sold to Incognito Motion Pictures, 2018) and he's been a finalist in two premiere screenplay competitions (for freature screenplay THE VINE - ScreenCraft Action/Thriller Contest 2017 and Slamdance Screenplay Competition 2017).


He's a best-selling comic book writer. IT EATS WHAT FEEDS IT was the #1 best-selling comic series published by Scout Comics in 2020 and was their best-selling trade paperback of 2021. LIQUID KILL was an overall best-seller in the indie comic space, launching Issue 1 with a print run of 25k units in 2023 and continuing to maintain a monthly readership of 5k+.


He's an international film producer. Supernatural thriller feature HALFPACE (starring Filmfare Award winner Ruturaj Wankhede) and sci-fi thriller feature PLUS MINUS both released on streaming platforms worldwide and on various TV channels throughout Southeast Asia.

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